28 February 2010

Death Takes a (Golf) Holiday


Photo courtesy of the Fabulous Husband
Pink L/S tee, LnA, thrifted
Pink tank, Theory, thrifted
Black skull print tunic, Love Child, TJMaxx
Woven belt, Ann Taylor Loft
Green polka-dot mini, Old Navy
Leggings, Hot Chilis
Boots, John Fluevog "Mallory"

After a week of storms, variously described as "Snowpocalypse" and "Snowmaggeddon" wracked the Northeast, I was sick of bulky sweaters, loose jeans, and other functional items of clothing. So when Saturday brought a break in the weather, I wanted something bright!

I was originally going to wear a more mellow olive-green cargo mini, but due to the extra layer of leggings and my mammalian tendencies to add a bit of, um, insulation in the winter (plus aforementioned snow keeping me from going to the gym) it was a wee bit tight. So I pulled out this bright-green number. It fits well, but I realized I was dressed in that preptastic color combo, green and pink. Eek!

So, of course, I had to punk it up a bit.
I took this photo myself!
Shaggy chain, made by me
Heart locket and pendant, depths of my jewelry box
Crescent moon pendant, gift from the Fabulous Husband
Jade drop earrings, Anima Perdita Studios

The skull tunic and a series of chain necklaces of various lengths served nicely. I didn't want to go overboard, so I kept most of the necklaces thin and light, and wore a favorite pair of earrings made by the Fabulous Husband.

I don't know why I'm so attracted to the combination of pink and skulls (I have a few guesses, though): I own several pieces that feature this combination.

The boots didn't show up that well, but have no fear: you'll be seeing them lots in the future. They're one of the more comfortable pairs I own, and I've been living in them this winter. La Historiadora de Moda from Fashionable Academics has them in orange: I wish I did, too!

I also realized that this outfit perfectly fits my yearning for warmer climes. Preppy though it is, the green/pink combo screams warm weather. I could easily lose the leggings and long-sleeved tee and swap the boots for a pair of sandals and wear this outfit in summery weather.

My hair has started to frustrate me. For most of my life, it was very long (as in, past my waist): a year and a half ago, I chopped it into a grown-out angle bob. I like it, but I'm getting sick of the long front in my face all the time! So I'm thinking about cutting in big, thick, heart-shaped bangs, with malice, British, and J-rock style aforethought. Worst comes to worst, it looks horrible and I have an excuse to wear smashing hats until the bangs grow back out. What are your thoughts, O Fabulous Readers?


  1. 1. While the colors may be prep-tastic, it doesn't even come close to looking preppy on you!
    2. I cannot picture you with bangs (I still can't get used to the short hair either, but that's a whole 'nother story) however an excuse to wear cute hats is never a bad thing.
    3. We have to get together soon. We are conveniently on vacation St. Patty's Day week....

  2. 1. That's what I like about it: the color scheme says one thing, but the pattern and silhouette says another. I'm very fond of mixed sartorial messages: I think they're a great way to play with fashion.
    2. They'll be cute. Or there will be cute hats. Win-win, either way.
    3. I'm getting a brisket to corn sometime this week. Just so you know.

  3. I am absolutely in love with the LNA top you have on. I too wear mine with other tops to make some awesome fashion statements.


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