14 February 2010


I read a bunch of interesting fashion- and culture-focused blogs. Any you'd like to recommend?

Alexander McQueen's suicide rocked the fashion world to its core. There really isn't much I can say that hasn't  already been said better elsewhere. The comparison of his last collection to moths seems eerily prescient now. The editor of T (the New York Times style magazine) blames the fashion system, comparing it to the movie studio system in its final days.  Jezebel posted two awesome slide-show retrospectives: one of highlights of his work and another of celebs who wore his sometimes-outlandish creations. There's a sweet and loving tribute at Haute Macabre. Last but not least, CheapJAP honored the designer in her own inimitable style, in keeping with his spirit.

Trend de la Crème's Jill has me getting back to my Goth roots with spiderweb-inspired fashion. Ooh, creepy and cute!

Sal from Already Pretty talks about tattoos on You Look Fab. As a tattooed beauty myself, I'm always interested in hearing others' perspectives on their ink and how it fits into their lives - and wardrobes.

While we're in a guest-post groove, there's nice post on sewing and body image on Already Pretty by retro-seamstress extraordinaire Gertie.

La Carmina explores romantic, tatterdemalion Tokyo street fashion. I love the antique-shop aesthetic and innovative hats!

 There's a cute article on brightly colored makeup in the NY Times. It's not exactly breaking news, but is kind of inspiring me to head for my nearest Sephora and play.

I know I'm giving a lot of love to Already Pretty, but I can't help it: Sal's an awesome writer. Her advice on breaking into belting is just about perfect.

One of the things that was hammered into my head as a grad student was to consider my sources. So when American Apparel tells you that leggings aren't pants, perhaps it's wise to listen. 

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  1. I have a ton of favorites...bluecollarcatwalk.com and larueneuve.blogspot.com are the top of my list!



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