19 February 2010

Link-tastic! 19 February 2010

Gertie went to a fashion show, and her perspective is refreshing, if (as she says) not exactly revelatory. We usually don't hear too many descriptions of runway shows from people who aren't "in the industry."

CheapJAP's relationship with American Apparel has bottomed out. For years, I've tried to balance AA's positive aspects - onshore manufacturing, living wages for its employees, &c. - with its exploitative, sexist attitude. Like CheapJAP, I think this little shenanigan has tipped the scales for me. I've never been a heavy AA shopper anyway, and there are other companies that produce comparable goods under ethical conditions in the USA.

S. from academichic is getting subversive in a pretty purple cardi. This post really got me thinking: I talk about the social messages of clothes all the time, but what about the political ones? Is it possible to be pretty and subversive at the same time? Were I still in grad school, I'd be ramping up a paper on subversives and rebels throughout history and the significance of their fashion statements. Che Guevara and his iconic beret come swiftly to mind.

While you're at academichic, read E.'s commentary on fashion, style, and the relevance of Fashion Week.

The fabulous and thought-provoking Fashionable Academics want to give you a pair of tights. What's your favorite color?

While you're entering contests for cool stuff, pop over to my partner-in-crime Jen Kiaba's site and tell her what photo you'd like to see as a poster-sized print. Those of you who do outfit photos: would you want a poster-sized print of a particularly great outfit (or good hair day)? What would you do with one if you did?

Kathleen at Fashion-Incubator has some great tips on working freelance that don't just apply to fashion designers, but to any and all creative professionals. There are some valuable resources linked in the comments, too. I usually focus on the consumer's view of the fashion system, but it's important to know how the industry works on the inside too.

That's all for now! Have a great weekend, everyone!

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