07 July 2010

The Iron(ed) Blogger

So it appears that my new-found passion for ironed summer clothing is not widely shared. Worry not, Fabulous Readers: I have no intention of becoming an ironing evangelist, especially because a quick tour of my closet revealed that I had very few lightweight, loose-fitting wovens that would benefit from such treatment.

Here's one of the few:

today's outfit, stripy tank top, Gap cotton skirt, John Fluevog sandals
Black-and-white stripy top, FDJ French Dressing, thrifted, remixed
Orange flower-print skirt, Gap, thrifted
Shoes, John Fluevog "Summertime: Haight," remixed
Silver necklace: depths of the jewelry box

The skirt, an XL/Tall, is way too big for me, and has some construction features that make me reluctant to take it in. Normally I'd leave at item that fit me this poorly on the rack, but the super print, lightweight all-cotton fabrication and pockets convinced me to take this one home.

heatwave outfit, fashionable in summer weather, beat the heat

I usually belt it at my waist for a paper-bag effect, but today I was more than happy to let it sit as low on my hips as it wanted and be drapey and airy. Proportions, in this weather, are the least of my concerns.

Oh, yes: the heat wave continues, with temperatures breaking 100° F for a second breezeless, sweltering day. The weather itself is becoming an endurance trial. We're really not accustomed to this weather in New York. Our houses aren't built for it (no AC in mine!) and neither are our wardrobes.

double French braids, rear view of braids, cool summer hairdo

So braids again it was. Next up: gin and tonics and ice cream for dinner.

How do you cope with excessive heat? How do your clothing choices change when the mercury boils?


  1. Ice cream and gin and tonics, NOM.

    I love the heat, and I have to tell you, I remember vividly a moment when I simply made the decision to accept how sweaty it is. Sweating is normal, and everyone is doing it in the heat. So yes the tank tops and the cotton fabrics are important, but the mindset will set you free. That and air conditioned movie theaters.

  2. I love that skirt! You look totally adorable.
    Also, your braids have inspired me and I've had my hair in braids like that since, oh, Sunday?
    As far as coping with heat - it's a constant thing on O'ahu in the summer. I live in light t shirts and comfortable skirts with sandals, hair up off my face and neck, and minimal makeup.
    *goes to put her face in the freezer to get a cool breeze*

  3. For the heat, I sometimes wear scarves and bandannas that I can dip under a cool faucet, then tie like a headband or around my neck (French stewardess-style). I'm also on board the light, floaty, washable dress train. Another trick: no waistband! (And the sheerest bra I can find.)
    I'm freezing some cherries to suck on while I have to work outside this afternoon at the farmers' market...
    Good luck with the heat! I'm sending breezy thoughts your way!

  4. I drink Gilbey's gin with diet tonic and lemons on lots of ice. It might not cool me off, but it makes the heat more bearable! No A/C in my house either...As for "cool" clothes, if I'm home alone - a loose fitting tissue tee with board shorts or a short flouncy cotton skirt; hair up off my neck and no jewelry. BTW, love that skirt on you! Liz

  5. Thank you so much for commenting on my blog, and for your kind words. I really appreciate it.

    I also lounge about in loose skirts and bare tops. I feel like gypsy. It rarely gets above 90/30 where I live, so hot days make me feel like a Southern belle - I want a tall cool lemonade (and if you put some vodka in there, I won't say no).


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