15 June 2010

Summertime, and the Living is Easy

On a technicality, it's not summer yet - not until the 20th. Long, warm, sunny days make it hard to remember that it's still spring by the calendar.

Even though I hate getting dressed in summery weather, every so often I hit a perfect, simple sweet spot. Some summer outfits are like gin and tonics, on-the-rare-side grilled steak, or a bowlful of sweet strawberries - ideal in their simplicity.

Brooklyn Industries dress, John Fluevog shoes
Dress: Brooklyn Industries "Kritti" (last summer's colorway)
Shoes: John Fluevog "Summertime: Haight," remixed
Oceanic necklace: gift
Silvertone and "pearl" cuff: antique store

Dress, sandals, statement-y accessories. Minimal makeup, air-dry hair. Done. I tend to over-think and over-do things, but this is just right in its simplicity, comfort, and ease.

simple summer outift

A big part of that's this dress. I love it: it's simple, comfy as all get-out, and cut just right for me. I'm so-so on a lot of Brooklyn Industries' stuff: for the most part, I think my body type is completely out of their designers' frame of reference.

favorite dress, statement necklace

I'm so fond of this one dress, though, that I'm thinking of getting this season's version - in a vivid turquoise!

easy summer dressing

Do you have a "perfect" piece of clothing?


  1. Love your blog for I too am a full figured "gal". Love your outfit today. I find going simple really does complement my figure. Hey can you think of some looks for a seasoned (nearly 50) full figured woman who lives in Phoenix? Summers are brutal, would love to figure out simple, flattering, comfortable outfits to wear! Thank you for your great blog! Also love your necklace! Can you do a closer picture!

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!
    Love that dress, and the sandals. :)

  3. That dress is GORGEOUS! Definitely get the turquoise too.

  4. That dress fits you like a dream. Definitely get the turquoise!

  5. If you don't get the turquoise one it would be a crime. This dress is absolutely stunning on you, and I love the necklace too!

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment about my defense and my outfit!


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