06 July 2010

Too Darn Hot

I do not do well in hot weather.

fainting blogger, sundress, heatstroke
Dress, Brooklyn Industries, "Kritti"
Shoes, John Fluevog "Laurelei," remixed

So I'm melting in the floatiest, most minimal dresses possible, drinking huge, icy beverages, and trying not to move much. It's even too hot to wear jewelry.

today's outfit, Brooklyn Industries dress, John Fluevog sandals

My hair, thankfully, is continuing its progress toward braidability. I still get wisps at the back of my neck, but at least I can get the majority up and off my skin.

double French braids, cool summer hairdo

This is the new-and-improved version of my favorite blue dress, in... a different color blue (although this one's also a bit shorter, which is nice). I usually don't buy multiples of anything: having two dresses of the same style in the same color family is nigh-unprecedented.

turquoise knit dress, black white beige sandals

I've realized something pretty amazing in the past few days, though. Inspired by some conversation in a meandering thread on the fiber-arts site Ravelry, I tried substituting my tried-and-true summer staples - wee knit dresses like this one and knit camis and tanks - with crisply ironed natural-fiber wovens. Goodness gracious, Fabulous Readers, I was so much cooler.

I know everybody hates ironing. It's a practice that's very out of vogue, at least in my area. I'm finding, though, that it doesn't really take that long to press off a blouse and a skirt, or a little sundress, once you get in the habit of it. Do the clothes stay looking fresh-off-the-board crisp all day long? No, of course not. Does that really matter? The only down side I've really found is that on hot days, the last thing I want to do is be wreathed in a cloud of pressing steam!

I don't have too many summer-weight woven clothes, but the next time I go thrifting, I'm absolutely keeping my eye out for clothes I can press!

Do you iron, or is the very concept loathsome to you?


  1. I would rather run an extra mile in 90+ degree heat than iron.

    That blue dress is lovely on you. You look very chic. That first picture of you is absolutely priceless!

  2. Lovely dress and shoes! And your hair looks awesome, I love your braids. I also agree with LHDM - great first shot :)


  3. Good grief, no way in hell am I ironing in this weather. To run the iron I have to turn off the AC or blow a fuse!

    I saw that very dress on the rack and thought it would never fit my chest, but if you can wear it, maybe I should give it a try. Looks great, especially with the shoes!

    p.s. I love your blog.

  4. Thanks for all the lovely comments! I'm pretty fond of the first shot myself: it was totally a limp-wrist-stapled-to-forehead kind of day!

    @Linda: I have to be very careful which bra I choose to wear with the dress and how I move while wearing it, but it does work! I think it'll look great with a tank layered under it in cooler weather.

  5. I LOVE to iron, but not in a heat wave. I find ironing meditative and relaxing.

  6. You look radiant! The turquoise is beautiful on you, and yes, this shape is truly made for you. Still. Even in slightly shorter length.

    So tell me more about these natural-fiber wovens. Are we talking like just cotton and linen? A certain type of cotton?

    I do iron, even knits! I'm kinda nutty about having the pressed look. My girlfriend laughs because I even iron seams. And jeans.


  7. Gosh, this dress looks amazing on you!

    I loathe ironing - I haven't done it in years. My husband does it, but I don't buy anything that needs ironing anyway.


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