25 June 2010

Link-tastic! 25 June 2010

It looks like the quest for stylish shoes is nothing new. Since this link came to me by way of the Fluevog Twitter account, I wonder if we'll be seeing an updated version in an upcoming season?

Andrea from a cat of impossible colour writes about why she blogs. I'm immersed enough in modern academic thought patterns to be truly intrigued by metatextuality, the whys and wherefores of even our most basic actions. At some level, that's why I blog: to examine the reasons that I, and other people, wear what they do.

As ethical, sustainable production becomes more of a social issue, we'll hopefully start seeing more companies like Oliberté, a footwear company devoted to making shoes entirely in Africa - while providing their employees with fair working conditions. The shoes look like they're well-made and, while they're not my usual style, are definitely on the list to consider if I ever need a pair of casual athletic-type shoes.

In response to a New York Times article on the fashion demands of the plus-size market, The Waves wonders if getting swept into the fashion industry's current dynamic of overabundance of mediocre products is what any woman needs.

I've been expending a fair amount of brainpower trying to figure out if I can knit Nubby Twiglet's elegantly destroyed sweater.

S. from academichic recaps her year in Europe with a deliberately limited wardrobe. I particularly love her comments on choosing items that allow for the most versatility, even if they're not always "perfect." I think we get far too caught up in trying to find "the perfect..." (shoes, bag, jacket, whatever) and end up with burgeoning closets full of possibly redundant near-duplicates. Of course, I'm a big proponent of "buy what you wear" - there's a lot of sense in knowing your favorite items and sticking to them - but there has to be a happy medium somewhere.

Imogen from Inside Out Style suggests a packing list for a two-week, multi-function trip. I'm not sure I agree with all her choices - I'd choose a jersey dress for travel rather than yoga pants! - but it's a departure point.* What do you think?
* That was totally inadvertent. Sorry.

For those who sew, Gertie has some great tips for making comfortable, cool summer garments.

Megarita of Fashionable Academics discusses a way to examine summer clothing: the CAFTAN scale, ranging from "Heck, I might even be found in a closed-toe shoe in a snappy color" to "There is no hair style to be had. There is no shoe that will feel ok. There is no fabric that can stand this."

Super Kawaii Mama comes up with some outfits for spending time with her favorite musicians. I'm not as musically inspired or linked as some - I cannot write with music in the background, for one - so I love seeing how others are inspired by their favorite tunes.

Some musings on veils, modesty, and hot weather, from Worn Through. I'm not sure what I think about this, to be honest - is it possible to fully separate extreme modest dress (i.e., full-body veiling)  from the cultures of oppression, violence, and subjugation that often come with it? (And on a related note, has anyone ever looked into dress cultures and gender relations of the Tuareg, a nomadic group from Northern Africa whose traditional dress includes veils for men? Where does that fit in the current European/American dialect of the veiled woman as oppressed other?) Do the benefits of modest dress taken to extremis outweigh the possible health risks, i.e. heatstroke?

Audi discovers the secret to success, and it's thigh-high socks. I knew it!

Have a lovely weekend, Fabulous Readers!

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  1. Thanks for the link - interesting you say you'd go a jersey dress. My client has to travel 24 hours on a plane and said she feels more comfortable in pants than a dress/skirt for that distance (and she gets cold on planes too), plus, she didn't have a jersey dress in her wardrobe.


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