05 May 2010

Ask Away!

No outfit post today, Fabulous Readers.

Instead, I'm opening up the floor to you. Have any questions? Anything you'd like me to focus on? Ask away!

Leave a comment on this post with your question or request. Do you want to know more about my academic background? How I got hooked on Fluevogs? Why I love skull motifs? How to find comfortable heels? What colors redheads should wear? Like to see more theory discussions and fewer outfit posts?  Let me know!

In return, I've got a question for you, Fabulous Readers. I've been invited to go to a baseball game Sunday (that would be, ahem, Mother's Day) with my parents. I'm not exactly a sports kind of girl. What the heck do I wear? I know it's going to be warm and sunny, and our seats are in an unshaded area so I'll need a hat. Beyond that, I'm at sea...


  1. I hate baseball. I have been to a baseball game and had a fabulous time even though it was 100 in the shade!
    Wear comfortable, nonbinding clothing. And a hat. And lots of sunscreen!
    Have fun!!

  2. My husband and I have season tickets to KC Wizards games (Major League Soccer). It's so weird to break from my normal style and try to go in the sporty direction. It's just SO weird for me.

    What I've learned is that jeans and t-shirts are really the best solution. Rock a pair of jean capris and a cute top, and for my personal signature, pair with colorful wedges. Also, if you really want to be a doll check on your home team's colors and the away team's colors. Do your best not to wear the away team's colors. Unless that's who you're rooting for. In which case, good luck lady!


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