14 May 2010

Link-tastic! 14 May 2010

Happy Friday, Fabulous Readers!

As a style blogger, I often fall into the trap of It's Not Enough. Jeans and a top? Not Enough! Put on three more layers and try again. Simple dress? Not Enough! Add a skirt, a scarf, and half a mall store's worth of accessories. Jentine of My Edit reminded us this week that sometimes, Enough is Enough, and there's nothing wrong (and often quite a lot right) with simple.

Worn through continues to amaze and fascinate me. My favorite posts this week: a zippy history of the zipper and work wear from the Jazz Age.

Speaking of fabulous historical looks, Super Kawaii Mama has tips for looking good while you're cleaning the house. Who says you have to vacuum in baggy sweats? Maybe looking crisp and put together (and a little like Rosie the Riveter, which is never a bad thing) will help me make my house look put together too!

The Waves looks into the psychology of body image. Why do we perceive ourselves the way we do, and what's the significance of self-image on a biological level?

Speaking of self-image, The Waves also has an amazing guest post on what it's like to be a model at Already Pretty. A lot of people criticize runway models heavily, with comments like "real women have curves" and "eat a sandwich!" Hey, those girls have feelings too, and they put them on the line every time they try to do a day's work. Very few of us could stand to have our bodies examined and dissected every day - and then be criticized by random passers-by as well.

I've heard of Seasonal Affective Disorder (heck, I might even have Seasonal Affective Disorder), but what about Seasonal Dissociative Disorder, otherwise known as "Why am I shopping for a wool coat in August?"

And to round up the week, how about a passel of giveaways: win a knitting book from Twist Collective, a sparkly headband from Kendi Everyday, a cute dress from What I Wore, a Molly Crabapple/Neil Gaiman print from Haute Macabre, a darling clutch from academichic, or an oversized canvas print from Jen Kaiba Photography?


  1. Hello!

    I came across your blog and wanted to let you know that I am now following you through the Google Connect!


  2. Thanx for the nice mention of Worn Through! You blog looks great as well. Where did you get your masters? What are you working on now?

  3. Thanks for stopping by!

    @Monica: Thanks! My MA is from FIT, where I worked on using reconstructed clothing as a method of studying the dress of eras from which there are few, if any, extant garments (I used Tudor England under the reign of Henry VIII as a case study, and reconstructed a dress from a Holbein work). Most fashion history studies are material-culture based, which is a very limiting methodology for artifacts so prone to decay, restyling, etc. An experimental archeological method, which I used, is not without its flaws, but can provide surprising insight.


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