10 May 2010

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

As I mentioned last week, Fabulous Husband and I were invited to go to a baseball game by my parents on Sunday. Several of you gave me wonderful suggestions on what to wear, so even though I don't usually post my weekend outfits, I wanted to show you what I ended up wearing.

In the interest of full disclosure, I have to say that these pictures were taken today: we didn't get a chance yesterday and forgot to grab the camera before we left the house just before 8 a.m. So I put the same outfit back on long enough to get photos for you, Fabulous Readers. No, I don't make a habit of this sort of thing.

today's outfit, baseball game outfit, cuffed jeans, jean jacket, BOC shoes, floppy hat, scarf
Hat, TJMaxx
Denim jacket, Calvin Klein Jeans, Century 21, remixed
Blue-grey tee, gifted
Black lace-trimmed cardigan, Heart Moon Star, remixed
Orange scarf, TJMaxx
Orange bangle bracelet, thrifted, remixed
White and gold woven belt, thrifted, remixed
Light wash jeans (worn rolled), Victoria's Secret
Orange flower sandals, BOC Born Concept "Edith," DSW

We went to see the New York Mets, hence the overwhelming blue-and-orange matchiness.

Our seats were excellent, as promised. Unfortunately, the weather was not: instead of warm and sunny, it was unseasonably cold, overcast and windy.


I spent what part of the game we spent in our seats like this, with one hand stuffed into the kangaroo pocket of Fabulous Husband's sweatshirt, the jeans unrolled (which, with the flower-bedecked shoes and floppy hat, gave me a sweet hippie-chic look), cardigan and jacket buttoned, and my purse balanced on my toes to provide some minor shelter from the wind. I'm super-glad I grabbed that cardigan on a last-minute whim as we dashed out the door!

At my parents' request, we left after the fifth inning - we were all similarly dressed and equally cold. We had a great time, though.

Fabulous Husband and I each put on approximately six sweaters and huddled up under our warmest blankets as soon as we got home.

I'm Dressing My Best

All this week, I'm going to be dressing my best with the academichics and a whole bunch of other fabulous bloggers. I hadn't intended this outfit to be part of that, necessarily, but I realized as I edited the photos that it fits the theme.

I love my extremities: my arms below the elbow, my legs below the knee. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the rest of my arms and legs, but the lower portions of both are, I feel, particularly shapely, toned, and graceful.

This outfit, with the cuffed sleeves and jeans, emphasizes those parts. The bulky cuffs draw the eye, and the lace trim on the sleeves adds extra emphasis.

outfit closeup, denim jacket, scarf, belt, tee, hat

I wear a lot of three-quarter sleeves, and I'm loving the comeback of the rolled-cuff blazer. I just wish I could find more bangle bracelets that fit my hands: I love the way they look, but I can't fit most of them over my knuckles. It's not that my hands are that large (they're long but narrow), it's that they don't fold enough to fit through most bangles. So I treasure the bangles I do find that fit.

I also love hats with floppy brims.

BOC Born Concept wedges, flower shoes
Photos: Fabulous Husband

I broke my shopping ban to get those shoes, because I wanted a bright orange super-walkable wedge heel. I'm a little bummed out that I would have been better off in nice warm boots, but I still don't regret it one bit. We were up and down stairs all afternoon, and I didn't have the slightest bit of trouble keeping up (even with my Dad, whose years of race running and being a pedestrian in Manhattan have made him a world-class speed walker, even when he's not trying) or the tiniest bit of foot pain. They might not have been the right shoe to wear yesterday, but I'm sure I'm going to get a huge amount of wear out of them over the next several months. Oh, they are so comfortable - they feel like little foot pillows!

What do you love about your body, and how do you dress to emphasize it?


  1. Oh my sweet word, you looked ADORABLE! Total bummer about the weather!

    Thank you for the review of the BOC's. I swear by Borns, and havent tried BOC's yet, but to get Born quality for less? WIN!!!

    I love my waist. It's long (which I could do without) but well-defined (which makes up for the length). Usually whatever I'm wearing goes in at the waist to always create the curves. Other than that, well, I've tattooed all the parts that I may not have liked before, and that seems to have been a way to make peace.

  2. Faaaaaaaabulous hat!!! Love all the orange accents.

  3. I have to agree with the above ladies about the outfit.
    Still not sure which parts of my bod I like showing off or enhancing...

  4. You hat and shoes are fabulous!! I love love love them!



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