20 May 2010

My Day in the Sun

Mmm... sunshine at last!
today's outfit, warm colors, tunic, skirt, belt, Born shoes, Anthropologie sunglasses
Orange striped tunic, l8ter, Marshall's
White cami, Ann Taylor Loft
Pink studded stretch belt, Betsey Johnson, TJMaxx, remixed
Pink twill skirt, thrifted
Orange flower sandals, BOC Born Concept, DSW, remixed
Sugar skull pendant, Jenn Feldman Glass, remixed
Orange bangle, thrifted, remixed
Turquoise-look earrings, mall accessory store 
Sunglasses, Anthropologie

I was so happy to wake up to a warm, clear day - and so glad to have colorful clothes after yesterday's thrifting expedition - that I went for a very intensely colored analogous color scheme for today's outfit.

pink and orange

These colors verge on clashing: if they were any closer together on the color wheel, they'd be eye-watering (and the rhododendrons in the background may be a bit much). Something about spring brings out my craving for vivid hues.

I think it's the sunshine.

Usually, Fabulous Husband and I take pictures during the "golden hour," that brief period right before sunset when the light is flat, even, and not blinding. As a result, I don't need sunglasses while we're taking pictures. Today we had to take pictures earlier, though, necessitating the shades.

I've always had a love-hate relationship with glasses of any sort. Something about the shape of my face makes finding flattering glasses a trial - they're always too narrow, too square, or just the wrong shape. It's only recently that I've found a pair of prescription glasses that I'm willing to be seen in public in. These sunglasses are even newer, and I'm happy not only with the way they look on me but with the amount of light those huge lenses block.
not without my sunglasses!

Take 'em off when it's this bright out? You must be kidding, right?

orange and pink outfit, bright hues for sunny days
photos: Fabulous Husband

I just picked up Linda Grant's The Thoughtful Dresser. I was interested in this book when I first saw S. mention it on academichic. I'm about halfway through it, and I'm very impressed. It's neither a long book nor an abstruse one: in fact, one of Grant's points is that verbose academic fashion theory fails to capture the ineffable pleasure inherent in fashion. The book is not without flaws - I think that Grant's view of fashion and shopping is overly gendered - but it has been, so far, a pleasure to read. I'll post more thoughts when I'm finished with the book.


  1. This outfit is awesome, and nothing about these pics is too much.

  2. You look so cute in this happy outfit. Beautiful color combination!

  3. Yesterday I asked myself "who is that uberly stylish woman peeking into my car?"



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