22 May 2010

Link-tastic! 22 May 2010

Gracious, sometimes weeks go by so fast that before I know it, it's Friday and instead of patiently collating a week's worth of browser tabs into a Friday link roundup, I'm kayaking through a swamp with Fabulous Husband. Oops!

The academichics did a roundup of Dress Your Best Week posts (part three of three, internal links to parts one and two). It's wonderful to see the different ways in which the participants celebrated their bodies and overcame the dominant social message that women should criticize and hate their own bodies.

Next project: a week without black. My wardrobe is very black-heavy (surprise, surprise!) so this one will be quite a stretch for me - I don't know that I have five days worth of non-black clothing. We shall see.

On a more theoretical note, why are we willing to pay for fashion magazines but not blogs, especially considering how much it can cost to run a fashion blog?  This is a key question in the ongoing debate about blogging, advertising, and legitimacy. I've been a journalist as well as a blogger, so my perspective (which I think I'll delve into in a post in the near future) is informed by both professions.

Also from threadbared: a political view of sweaters.

Talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve (although the dress itself is sleeveless): my friend Ellan uses microscopy, computer rendering, laser cutting, and traditional dressmaking techniques to represent the human heart - and its symbolism of passion - in dress form.

Now that I've delineated an ideal thrifting outfit, bone up on your rack-combing skills with some tips from a pro.

Have a great weekend, Fabulous Readers!

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