11 June 2010

Link-tastic! 11 June 2010

Goodness gracious, Fabulous Readers, it's Friday again already!

I was featured, along with quite a few other fabulous bloggers, in the Fashionable Academics' Annotated Bibliography of Tattoos. I loved seeing the different styles of tattoos and reading the stories behind them!

I know that there are significant differences in clothing terms among American, British, and Australian English. Here's a guide to some Aussie terms for fashion and more.

Win a pair of covet-worthy Jeffrey Campbell sandals from Nubby Twiglet. I'd love to wear these with jeans or a floaty sundress!

If you're not comfortable with wearing patterns (and nobody says you have to be!), here are a few great suggestions for introducing them into your wardrobe.

The Waves examines fashion and identity, in two parts. I'm still mulling over my thoughts on this issue: they're deep and complex, and I want to give her the well-thought-out response she deserves for writing so intelligently on such a complex topic.

How much does your posture affect how your clothes look? After years of yoga and dance, and some time in the weight room (you get very aware of your posture when you've got an 85lb. barbell on your shoulders!), I've become much more aware of the alignment of my back, hips and shoulders. I don't have picture-perfect posture every moment of the day or anything, but I am more aware when I do start to slouch and quicker to correct it - and yes, it does make my clothing fit better!

Have a great weekend, Fabulous Readers!

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  1. I really have to work on having better posture...
    Also, that tattoo post on Fashionable Academics is really great. I have 3 myself (although I'm not an academic, per se) and I really like hearing about how other people chose theirs.


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