11 June 2010

Summer Black-Out, Day 5: Strawberry Fields Forever

Thank you for your wonderful comments on yesterday's post, Fabulous Readers! It was great to hear from several other people who feel the same way I do.

However, the Goth Without Black outfit got put on hold a bit. Today is Fabulous Husband's birthday, so we went out to get his favorite treat - fresh-picked strawberries. There's a pick-your-own farm right down the road from us.

box of strawberries, 10 lbs of berries, fresh local produce

There's nothing in this world quite as delicious as fresh-picked strawberries, still warm from the sun. They'll be transformed into daiquiris, strawberry shortcake, and preserves as well as eaten just the way they are. I'm a huge proponent of fresh, local food - in addition to being more ecologically responsible (those strawberries have traveled maybe 10 miles from where they were grown), it just tastes better!

I wanted something casual and comfy for kneeling on the ground while picking strawberries, so this is that super-rare outfit for me - jeans, a casual top and - can you believe it - sneakers!

today's outfit, Alternative Apparel tank, suede vest, Victoria's Secret jeans, Converse sneakers
Striped tank: Alternative Apparel, thrifted
Suede vest: thrifted
Brown braided belt: Gap, thrifted
Jeans: Victoria's Secret, remixed
Sneakers: Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars Hightops, TJMaxx
Scarf in hair: Mommed
Leather flower necklace: mall accessory store
Cream beaded necklace worn as bracelet, brown beaded mala bracelet: depths of the jewelry drawer
Macrame leather bracelet: gift from a friend

I usually like my vests buttoned up, fitted, and Victorianesque, and my original intent when I bought this vest was to alter it into something more... girl-shaped. I haven't gotten around to that yet, though - story of my life.

vest, tank top, flared jeans, tray of strawberries

Tossed over the striped top with flared jeans and a scarf in my hair, though, it had a kind of happy hippie-chic vibe to it. I might live less than an hour from Woodstock, but that's never really been my thing. I was not unhappy with the results, though. Even though this isn't a "me" look, it was perfect for the day's activities.

berry stains

Strawberry-stained hands - a sure sign of summer.

Do you ever wear looks that don't fit into your normal style vocabulary? Do you feel uncomfortable (or not) doing so?

Already Pretty Summer Black-Out 2010


  1. You look adorable! Can I come over and have some strawberries?
    Also, Happy Birthday to Fabulous Husband!!

  2. This is a really cute outfit. I think you're adorable in sneakers!

    And YUM for strawberries!


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