09 June 2010

Summer Black-Out, Day 2: In the Garden

I'm sorry I'm posting this now, Fabulous Readers, instead of yesterday. Fabulous Husband and I went down to visit my parents and, of course, took advantage of their amazing garden as a photo location. Unfortunately, by the time we were done with photos, it was time to go out for sushi! I decided a slightly delayed blog post was the better part of valor.

today's outfit, Lucky Brand tee, ruffled skirt, John Fluevog boots
Bodhisattva tee: Lucky Brand, Marshall's
Brown belt: thrifted, remixed
Blue ruffled skirt: Marshall's, remixed
Boots: John Fluevog, "Bellevues: Libby Smith"
Art Nouveau necklace: depths of the jewelry box
Tiny mandala beaded earrings: self-made
Braided silver bracelet: Anima Perdita, remixed

Continuing with this week's ancillary theme of dredging my wardrobe for seldom-used items, I wore these boots. They're a bit of a challenge to work into an outfit: they're an odd height for such a fitted boot, and distressingly close in color to my legs. Given their Victorian styling, I keep wanting to wear them with floor-sweeping skirts. Pairing them with a knee-length skirt, especially without stockings to give some visual contrast between the boot top and my leg, was a bit of a stretch for me - but I think it worked.

Fluevog boots

The boots weren't the inspiration for this outfit, though. That honor goes to this pretty bodhisattva:

Lucky Brand top, graphic tee, Art Nouveau necklace, bead earrings

I'm not usually a graphic-tee kind of girl, but I fell in love with this top. The graphic reminds me of Yuan and Ming Dynasty ink paintings, with its calligraphic lines and washes of gentle color. I picked up the bluish-purples and the floral motif with the skirt, which resembles a folded lotus or peony bloom, and the necklace: the tiny mandala earrings were also a perfect match both in theme and in color. The red buttons on the boots would have been a bit jarring with the delicate pinks if they were in closer proximity, but distance - and the dominance of the cream color in both tee and boots - kept them from clashing excessively.

tee, skirt, belt, short waisted

I usually don't tuck-and-belt, and you can see why here. I am very short-waisted indeed! The belt, which narrows to about 2 1/2" on the sides, is hitting both the bottom of my ribs and the top of my hipbones. The proportions of this outfit ended up being a little strange as a result. Trust me, it looked even stranger with the tee untucked!

pink, blue, cream, decorative lantern, garden
photos: Fabulous Husband

Are you willing to surrender "normal" proportions to create an otherwise great outfit, or does proportion trump all for you?

Already Pretty Summer Black-Out 2010


  1. I LOVE THESE SHOES!! They are Fabulous!! and so are you! Thank you so much for your very thorough and supportive comment and feedback! It was just the boost I needed to follow through with my vision! You are magical! Thank you!

  2. This is so great on you! Love the color palette and I actually love the proportions as well! I think you look very va-va-voom.

  3. Tucking the tee was a great solution. And those Fluevog boots were MADE to be worn with your magnificent skirt!

  4. Oh, Fluevog Libby Smiths, how do I covet thee!

    Your in-laws garden is gorgeous! What a great setting for your outfit shots!

  5. I love love love this outfit! That last photo is ACE - it shows off everything perfectly!
    Can I raid your wardrobe, pretty please?

  6. I love the tucked in shirt with the belt. It looks great.
    Also, those boots?!
    To die for.

  7. What a fun outfit!

    I do want to say though...a time to go out for sushi is never unfortunate! :D


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