15 March 2010

Dialing it in, plus new haircut!

Some days, you don't have the energy to go all out. Those are the days when you dial it in: go for the tried-and-true, the old reliables, the ones that work. The routines you can fall into on autopilot without even thinking. This outfit is one I've worn but not posted before: it's super-comfy while still being stylish.

fashion, outfit, daily outfit, WIWT, trench, trench coat, tunic, leggings, umbrella, boots, striped socks
Trench: French Cuff, TJMaxx
Umbrella: Antique

fashion, outfit, daily outfit, WIWT, tunic, tee, t-shirt, leggings, umbrella, boots, striped socks
Cowlneck tunic (ostensibly a dress): Fever, Marshall's
Layering tee: LnA, thrifted
Belt: Ann Taylor Loft
Leggings: Wild Rose, TJMaxx
Stripey socks: Smaller-Footed Super Stripes, Sock Dreams
Boots, John Fluevog, "Mallory"
fashion, outfit, daily outfit, WIWT, tunic, tee, t-shirt, umbrella, necklace, pendant, butterfly
Butterfly bits reversible pendant: estate sale
all photos: Fabulous Husband

I love the top picture: I feel like I'm channeling Audi from Fashion For Nerds (something about the take-no-prisoners pose and mischievous smile). She's definitely one of my inspirations for both style and blogging.

I'm still following along with the academichic Fashion 101 series. This week's theme is belting, a topic dear to my heart (and waist, natch). As an hourglassy girl, I find that belts are great allies in the fight to make sure my waist is visible between my full bust and hips. This outfit is a great example: an Empire-waist (babydoll) top like this tunic can make me look bulky or pregnant if the waistline hits right below the bust. By adding a broad belt, I can contain the fullness of the top, letting the flare of the skirt portion start a few inches lower and preventing any number of questions about my due date.

The pendant, by the way, is really made from the preserved wings of various butterflies (plus one tiny whole one), in a double-sided, brass-rimmed glass frame. I found it at an estate sale and was so intrigued and creeped out by it that I had to own it. Butterflies have long been a symbol for reincarnation and the eternal life of the soul: this little pendant is not only a pretty piece but has overtones of memento mori and Victorian mourning jewelry that I find rather comforting, in that weird way memento mori are.

Part of the reason I felt the need for a dial-it-in outfit was the weather. At least the snow's gone, and it's warm enough outside for a light coat instead of twenty pounds of wool, but it's been rainy, raw and windy for the past few days, and if there's anything that enervates me more than grey skies, it's unceasing wind. What better time for an outfit that feels like I'm pajamas all day long?

The rest of it is that haircut. I got it done on Friday, came home and took scissors to it myself because I managed a complete and utter communication fail with my usually wonderful hairdresser, then spent the weekend in abject misery. I'm only just now starting to come to terms with it, and I miss my old angle bob terribly. I'm still not sure that it works. It is entirely possible that you'll see an amazing upswing in scarves, hats and updos in the next few months - or maybe I'll come to terms with it.

Anyone who advised me against bangs is permitted one "I told you so," in print or in person.

So, Fabulous Readers, a question: I'm getting to the point where I'm featuring items that I've worn before. It's inevitable: my wardrobe isn't that extensive, no matter what Fabulous Husband says. Do you care? More precisely, do you want to know if something's been featured before (via a "remix" label or links to previous posts), or do you not really care? A show of hands would be appreciated.

What do you reach for on the days when you don't want to get dressed and face the world? Have you ever had a haircut you truly hated, and how did you deal with it?


  1. Remixes are probably the most valuable thing for women who also feel that their wardrobe is not as expansive as they had hoped. (Unlike, perhaps, our waistbands?)

    As for the hair, I think you have vastly improved on what was there. Is the hubby regretting his act of solidarity?

  2. When I've no wish to get dressed and face the world, I don't (as long as it's a weekend rather than a workday). I lounge about in my (oh so NOT stylish) pajamas!

    Hair. When I had nearly all my hair cut off to grow out the color. Since I'm not fond of wearing hats and such, my only real choice was to grin and bear it. The shortness of the hair was of much more concern to me than the three inch and growing gray roots were!

  3. Love remix posts.

    Love your haircut.

    Love that you are a woman who knows the connection between butterflies and reincarnation.

    Well done fine woman! Well done!

  4. Thanks for all the great feedback! Since there seems to be a definite preference for remix labels, I'll start including them.

    And thanks for all the positive comments on the haircut. It's really helping me feel better about it!

  5. Remix posts seem valuable - how many of us can afford to wear a garment only once or in only one way? And why would you want to limit yourself in that way?


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