23 March 2010

Gloomy Tuesday

Whoever ordered the chilly, rainy, grey skies, could you please take them back? I was really happy about the warm, sunny weather we were having. I know it can't be sunny all the time, and it's still March and all, but... please?

It's the sort of day that inspired me to sulk in bed all day, reading, maybe venturing to the kitchen for a cup of tea if I'm feeling bold. Sadly, I had Stuff To Do today, so that wasn't to be.

Time for another Dialing It In outfit! I guess I could take a page from Angie at You Look Fab and call these Fast Fall Back Outfits, but I somehow don't feel like that captures the sense of sheer sartorial uninspiredness I feel when I reach for these outfits. For me, they really are the wardrobe equivalent of macaroni and cheese: easy to make, not too demanding, and immensely comforting.

daily outfit, WIWT, olive jacket, heart sweater, jeans, casual laceups
Military-style jacket: Ann Taylor Loft
Heart sweater: Absolutely Creative Worldwide, thrifted, remixed
Garnet necklace: depths of the jewelry box
Belt, Leather Worx
Jeans, Christopher Blue, thrifted
Shoes, John Fluevog, "Earth Angel Michael" (?)

olive jacket, heart sweater, jeans, casual laceups
I've always loved military-styled items, from pea coats to uniform jackets to webbing belts to combat boots. I don't really know why: I'm not from a family with a strong military tradition and I never even considered the armed forces as career options. Whenever I'm feeling a bit down and need to feel tough, though, I reach for items like this jacket.

I tried letting my hair air-dry, which is how I've always treated it, and I'm finding that I'm not happy with the results. Thankfully, it's short enough that damage from regular blowdrying won't be too bad.

Oh well. At least I still have snowdrops:

snowdrops in the rain

Does bad weather influence your mood or how you dress? What's your take on military-inspired clothing? Love it? Hate it? Does it have any meaning or significance for you?

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  1. Bad weather totally inspires both my mood and how I dress. No doubt.

    Also, I too find myself drawn to military-inspired clothing even though I'm critical of the military by and large. I think it's because I love camouflage-type colors like warm tans, olives, and black. I'm a very organized, but also strangely dreamy person. A worn military jacket or scuffed combat boots convey degraded structure. Entropy having its way. Or something dorky like that.


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