09 March 2010

Hearts & Stripes

daily outfit, WIWT, sweater, hearts, buttondown, collared shirt, stripes, necklace, bird, serpentine, skirt, tights, shoes, brogues, red, pink, green
Photo: Fabulous Husband
detail, closeup, sweater, hearts, buttondown, collared shirt, stripes, necklace, bird, serpentine, red, pink, green
 Heart-patterned sweater: Absolutely Creative Worldwide, thrifted
Striped French-cuff shirt: Old Navy, thrifted
Serpentine bird necklace: origin unknown, possibly Central Asian?
Full black cotton skirt: H&M
Grey tights: Calvin Klein, Century 21
Shoes: John Fluevog "Tillie"

Before I started playing more aggressively with color, I wouldn't had thought to pair pink and red, accent the combination with dark green, or wear grey tights with this outfit instead of standard-issue black. 

I love the buttondown-under-a-sweater look: it's slightly old-fashioned and, particularly when paired with a full skirt like this one, has a vintage academic vibe. It was impossible not to emphasize it with the shoes: played just wrong, they look orthopedic, but with this nostalgic look, they come off like a mid-century brogue. The necklace, which is a complimentary color but from a completely different style register, keeps the look from being too cliche. A strand of pearls would have pushed the look over the top from vintagey into costumey, I think.

By far my fondest part of this outfit, though, is the mix of patterns in the tops. The subtle, understated striped are a great foil for the bold hearts. I think the next unit in my Fashion Rules (I really should have made that Fashion "Rules") will be pattern and texture mixing.

Do you mix patterns? If so, how?


  1. I'm really glad you didn't go with pearls, even though I do love the mildly academic look of this outfit. Especially I love dark red and hunter green.


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