02 March 2010

Spring has Sprung

The incredibly talented Jen Kiaba and I did an impromptu photo shoot yesterday (hence the strange background, although giant martini glasses are, well, kinda OK by me).

daily outfit, yellow, purple, grey, cardigan, tee, pencil skirt, tights, boots, scarf, earrings, spring, United Nude, pockets, military inspired
photo courtesy of and copyright by Jen Kiaba Photography
Grey wrap cardigan, BCBG Max Azria, TJMaxx?
Yellow tee, Caslon, stolen from mom's closet
Grey skirt, Ann Taylor, thrifted
Purple tights, Betsey Johnson, TJMaxx
Boots, United Nude "Pocket Hi," Amazon.com
Scarf, purchased in Zell am Zee, Austria

Earrings, chips from Fabulous Husband's first computer

My birthday is in late March, and I've always been fond of crocuses and snowdrops, the early spring flowers that are the only ones reliably in bloom on my birthday. I'm not comfortable wearing white (it doesn't stay white for long on me!), so I don't often echo the green-and-white palette of snowdrops. The yellow and purple of crocuses, a punchy complementary color scheme, is fair game, though!

Both colors look particularly stunning against grey, and shades of grey echo the often dismal skies of a New York early spring.

The boots are one of my few non-Fluevog pairs, from innovative shoemaker United Nude. Their designs are scupltural, architectural, and (sometimes) downright wacky. I couldn't resist these BDU-inspired boots: they have functional pockets, a detail sure to win my heart, and little red tags that read "Remove Before Flight."

Most of the time, my husband's reaction to new shoes is... lukewarm, to say the least, but these got his seal of approval with an "Oh, wow. Those are awesome shoes." They're a little tighter in the calf than I'd like, and the ballistic nylon means they can't be stretched by a shoemaker. Like Fluevogs, though, they're comfortable despite the high heel, and the rubberized fore-sole means plenty of traction in slippery conditions.

And yes, I painted my nails a shade of pale purple to complement this outfit. 

Everywhere I look, people are getting fed up with winter and ready for spring! What are your favorite spring colors, rituals, and clothes?


  1. As we've discussed - it gets pretty dismal looking through one's closet and finding the usual black, grey etc etc.
    When we go shopping tomorrow I am going to make it a goal to inject some colors into my wardrobe.

  2. What beautiful colors. I love how the scarf ties together the yellow of the tee and the pink of the tights!

    Those are great boots! Happy early birthday. My birthday is also in late March. :-)


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