31 March 2010

Work clothes

Alas, I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that any time I announce plans here, I'll somehow fail to get photos to post. Last night, despite heroic efforts on everyone's part, a combination of drastic weather and Fabulous Husband's demanding work schedule prevented us from attending the family gathering as we'd planned.

After a morning spent planting hellebores in the rain, I was chilled to the bone and more than OK with relaxing in warm, comfy clothes at home. It wasn't how I'd planned to spend my birthday, but I can't complain about an evening spent canoodling with my sweetie.

Instead, I have pictures of today's outfit, taken by the ever-talented Jen Kiaba!

today's outfit, WIWT, street style, Velvet top, LnA tee, Fluevog boots, Betsey Johnson belt, DIY jeans

today's outfit, WIWT, street style
Purple twist v-neck: Velvet, Marshalls
Brown layering tee: LnA, thrifted, remixed
Brown bling bow belt: Betsey Johnson, TJMaxx
Jeans: Victoria's Secret, pegged by me
Boots: John Fluevog "The LA: Silverlake

 today's outfit, WIWT, Velvet top, LnA tee, Fluevog boots, Betsey Johnson belt, citrine necklace
Fluevog boots, flower hair clip, Betsey Johnson belt, citrine necklace, woven silver bracelet
Citrine toggle necklace: street fair vendor at FIT
Flower hair clip: homemade
Braided silver bracelet: Anima Perdita
last photo is mine: the rest are Jen's. 

Jen and I are collaborating as a photographer/stylist duo on head shots, engagement portraits, and other photographic work. Today, we were doing a head shot session. I knew I'd be helping to carry equipment and set up shots, but still wanted to show off my chops as a serious Fashionable Person. Thus, these boots. I built the entire outfit around them, from the ground up.

These are my answer to the vertiginous wedge ankle boot: cf. Nubby Twiglet's and Audi's Jeffery Campbell Clinics and Sal's Alice + Olivia for Payless Buckled Booties. As I spend more time blogging, and looking at other wonderful fashion blogs, I'm starting to feel like a bunch of us are working from the same Platonic ideal of a closet. Rather than the cliched rage of a party-goer who finds another attendee is wearing the same dress, I find this cheering and uplifting. Offbeat as my sense of style is, it's shared by some other wonderfully stylish ladies!

Who else is on your style wavelength? Do you like finding commonalities in dress, or do you prefer to be completely original?

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  1. Well happy birthday Miss lady! I missed this post!


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