19 March 2010

Link-tastic! 19 March 2010

Wow. Another week's gone by already!

First of all, a huge thank-you to all you Fabulous Readers who have left insightful, interesting, and uplifting comments. I really appreciate that you take the time to respond to my posts, and I love reading what you have to say!

I've always loved the concept of science-inspired fashion, but I've seldom seen it done well - usually, there's plenty of science and not much fashion. Looks like that might be changing, though. I love the ECG leggings!

Sal has her own theories on color mixing. Interestingly, although they're very different in theory, we end up liking similar color combinations. I wonder if there's some scientific basis for eye-pleasing color combos? I wouldn't be in the least surprised: color is the result of very well-documented scientific phenomena: the wavelengths of visible light and our brains' reaction to it. But what impact does society have on perceptions of "pleasing" color combinations? What's the effect of limiting factors like dye technologies? Hmmm...

Speaking of societal conventions, Gertie wonders if there's something inherently oppressive about a girdle. THe comments are amazing, erudite, and thought-provoking.

A great, 2-part post on sustainability and fashion (part 2 here). Franca raises some really interesting points about fashion as an ecosystem.

In a related vein, does buying clothing secondhand have a negative impact on your favorite brands?

I have a tendency to look at everything I encounter as a potential hat. Apparently, that's how the academichics feel about belts! Check out all their non-traditional belt options.

Everybody complains about the unrealistic size profile of models used by most fashion magazines (I won't say that they don't use "real" women - I know plenty of women who are naturally very skinny and would do anything to weigh more! - but the ratio of very-slender to fuller-bodied is certainly not representative. Well, a few bloggers got together to do something about that. They're trying to put together a magazine. I'm very interested to see where this could go!

As always, Fabulous Readers, have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Good stuff. The girdle link totally gets at some ideas that I've been working on lately.


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