13 April 2010

Cherry Blossom Time

I was very rushed getting dressed this morning, so I fell back on the oldest outfit-building trick in the book: grab a patterned item with lots of colors, then build outward from it by picking up minor colors from the pattern.

today's outfit, WIWT, Chinese-style jacket, Tahari trousers, pink tank, Fluevog sandals
Chinese-style jacket: depths of the closet
Pink tank: Theory, thrifted, remixed
Chartreuse belt: thrifted, remixed
Brown trousers: Tahari, TJMaxx
Shoes: John Fluevog, "Summertime: Haight," remixed
Bangle: thrifted, remixed
Green stone teardrop necklace: Central Asian, remixed

today's outfit, Chinese-style jacket, pink tank, green stone necklace

The tiny, intricate brocade pattern has hints of all the colors I'm wearing: pink flowers, green foliage, and orangey-red buildings. It's all scenes of cherry-blossom viewing, a lovely tradition of appreciation of the beauty and ephemerality of the natural world celebrated in many parts of Asia. Every year, I try to wear it at least once while the cherry trees are in bloom, to remind myself to appreciate their fleeting beauty - and, in my own small way, to take part in it.

You can also start to see why I'm not the biggest fan of trousers. These are ones that I consider to fit moderately (maybe acceptably) well.

Chinese-style jacket, Tahari trousers, pink tank, Fluevog sandals
photos: Fabulous Husband

Do you ever try to echo natural color schemes in your clothing? If so, is it to celebrate certain events, like the blooming of a favorite flower, or is nature a more generalized inspiration for you?


  1. LOVE the jacket. The whole outfit really but, OH the jacket...

  2. I love your color palette! And I also love how the clothes fit you, including the trousers.


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