08 April 2010

Misled by the weatherman

It's a cliche that style bloggers talk about the weather a lot, and no wonder: in addition to all the other factors that influence how we dress, environment is a huge consideration. Even people who swear they "don't care about how they dress" take heat, humidity and precipitation into account.

So people who think and talk about fashion a lot tend to focus on the weather a bit. We develop a close, personal relationship with out weather forecasters, reacting with jubilation when the weather cooperates with our outfits ("Sunny and warm tomorrow? Hooray, I wanted to wear my new sundress!") and grouchiness when the forecasts interfere with our plans ("Whaddaya mean, rain tomorrow? I wanted to wear my suede boots!) or, worse yet, wrong.

Today, for example, was supposed to be quite a bit cooler than it actually was, so I dressed appropriately:
today's outfit, WIWT, vest, dress, skirt, sandals, pearls
Pinstriped vest: Ann Taylor Loft
Bunny print dress: Erin Fetherston for Target, thrifted
Polka-dot skirt: Ann Taylor Loft
Shoes: John Fluevog, "Summertime" (style uncertain), remixed
Pearls: gift from Fabulous Husband
Alice band: cut-out T-shirt neckband

The dress (lined) plus skirt (also lined) plus vest (you guessed it, lined) was just fine first thing in the morning, but got a little oppressive as the day wore on.
today's outfit, vest, dress, skirt, sandals, flowering plum tree

Despite the climatic inappropriateness, I like the vaguely Victorian carnival feel of this dress and the mix of patterns. Yes, the print on the dress is tiny bunnies! I think I'll revisit this look in cooler weather with fun tights and either a coordinating tee underneath or a nip-waisted blazer over.

today's outfit, WIWT, vest, dress, pearls

Fabulous Husband was offended, on deep, basic levels, by the fact that I didn't have a Set of Pearls. As far as he's concerned, every woman should have some. So while we were out trawling our local antiques store this past weekend, we came across these. I thought they were a bit too big and '50s-housewifeish for my comfort, but he sweet-talked me into them. I'm very glad, and I've become quite fond of them. I like them best in non-traditional combinations, like with this outfit or a military jacket and skinny jeans.

As for the headband, I cut the necklines out of most T-shirts I own: crew necks are just too tight and restrictive, even for the gym! Actually, they're especially bad for the gym: the last thing I want when I'm working up a sweat is a piece of fabric tight around my neck, making me even hotter. I've discovered that the neckbands from T-shirts are the perfect size and just stretchy enough to work as headbands. Why go out any buy special purpose-made ones when I've got some that would otherwise be waste? If you like to trim the sleeves off T-shirts, I've heard they work this way too, at least the more voluminous ones.

So what about you, Fabulous Readers? Has a forecast ever misled you into an outfit that, while otherwise flattering, fell flat because of the weather?

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  1. I always want to wear suede boots when it's going to rain. Why? It's some kind of Murphy's Law.


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