07 April 2010

Yet more layering with dresses

OK, so in some ways, this is exactly the same outfit I wore yesterday: dress, shirt underneath, belt just under the bust.
today's outfit, WIWT, savannah-print sundress, navy tee, belt, sandals
Savannah-print dress, H&M, thrifted
Navy tee, depths of the drawer
Woven black belt, Ann Taylor, remixed (frequently)
Shoes, John Fluevog, "Summertime: Haight"
Earrings: H&M
Necklace: gift from mom
Woven leather cuff: Urban Outfitters, remixed
photos: Fabulous Husband

But considering how hot it is, I consider myself lucky to be dressed at all, let alone wearing multiple layers.

Seriously. New York's not supposed to verge on 90°F in April. Come see me in July with temperatures like that - and peaches. Possibly the worst thing about it being so warm so soon is that the weather makes me crave my favorite midsummer treats, which won't be in season for a few months yet.

savannah-print sundress, navy tee, belt, sandals

To compensate for my disappointment on that front, there's this wonderful little dress. Normally, I wouldn't thrift something from H&M: their quality is too shoddy to be reliable in a secondhand garment. However, this little sundress seemed very well made (at first, I thought it was an Indian import, a staple of my NYU-going era) and I couldn't pass up the adorable savannah print. Lions and zebras and acacia trees, oh my!

savannah-print sundress, navy tee, belt, wood bead necklace, tribal earrings
The big, chunky wood necklace and earrings inspired by sub-Saharan styles seemed like a perfect match. Navy and russet are colors associated with cooler months, but I like the way this turned out as a quasi-summery look.

It was hot enough that even my short hair had to go up and as off my neck as I could get it!

Blogger seems to be having issues with comments right now, so instead of posing a few questions at the end of this post, I'll suggest we all go outside, fire up the grill, and have a fizzy, icy cocktail. That's certainly my plan for the rest of the evening!

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