16 April 2010

Link-tastic! 16 April 2010

I just discovered Worn Through (I forget who linked to it, but whoever it was, thanks muchly!) and I'm fascinated. Just this week, there's been a great article on the history of women in trousers in America, another on flowers - real flowers, not prints - as clothing, and a roundup of recent journal articles in fashion studies that I can't wait to tear into.

The academichics continue their discussion of fashion and femininity in academia. I hope this series continues: I'm fascinated by the dialogue that develops among them.

Super Kawaii Mama's advice on prepping your wardrobe for winter isn't that timely for northern hemisphere readers, but it's something to keep in mind for later (and good advice from the perspective of putting our winter clothes into storage for the summer months!). Some of the advice could most likely be applied to summer clothes, too: I know that a pair or two of my sandals just went into the cobbler to prepare them for wear as it gets warmer.

An interesting article on body hair from the New York Times. A couple of things stand out for me here: one is the odd timing (why an article on unshaven stars at the Golden Globes now, when they happened in January? Is it that it's getting to be the time of year when more women start wearing skirts and shorts with bare legs, making depilating a more visible issue?). Another is the comments, which range from openly misogynistic to insightful.

The waves muses on style ideologies and What Not to Wear (with some really interesting reader comments).

What do you make of the "models as human clothes hangers" concept in haute couture? Sal's upset by it. While I see her point, I look at runway fashion the same way I look at concept cars: it's conceptual, not functional.

Dopey fashion poses - the original and the Lady Gaga version. Hilarious, and a wonderful reminder not to take fashion - or ourselves - too seriously.

Not wearable, but beautiful: concrete lace.  Wow.

Have a wonderful weekend, Fabulous Readers!

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