23 April 2010

Link-tastic! 23 April 2010

I'm participating in Haute Macabre's Giant Ridiculous Clothing Swap. It seems like a fun way to pass on some awesome items I'm not wearing any more to a new loving home - and hopefully get something unexpected and terrific in return!

Jessica from What I Wore has some great tips for dressing for business meetings as a creative professional.

How to choose accessories that flatter your figure, particularly belts.

For Earth Day, Cheap Jap muses on wasted resources - in her closet. Are you using your wardrobe efficiently?

If there are unloved items in your closet, think about ways you can extend their usefulness by tailoring, embellishing, dyeing, or simply re-imagining them.

A little bit of history of florals, shawls, and European/Asian trade, inspired by an Antropologie top.

Good news I'm not a lawyer: I think I'd scandalize the Chicago Bar Association. All kidding aside, I'm really disturbed by the attitudes, particularly toward women, espoused in the "fashion" "advice" in question. Why does professionalism for women always seem to involve an outright denial of anything feminine or sexual? Why are women urged to hide signs of prosperity (large engagement rings, designer bags), when I see no equivalent "ditch the Patek Phillipe for the job interview" advice for men?

It's all about how much you want to stand out, isn't it? If you're looking for ways to express your individual sense of style, Sal has some great tips.

Have a wonderful weekend, Fabulous Readers!


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