05 April 2010

Layering for spring

Ah, spring, when a young woman's heart turns to not having to wear forty-seven million layers and a twenty-pound coat just to leave the house, hallelujah!

Unfortunately for those of us who love the complexity and breadth of options, though, gorgeous sunny weather has its down side: it gets much harder to layer. Even in the depths of summer, unless it's too hot to be tolerated, I'll stack layers of tissue-thin tanks until they're opaque instead of putting on one thicker one, tie scarves around big floppy hats, and pile on jewelry to get enough visual activity in my outfit for my taste.

Minimalism never really took hold with me. Obviously.

This spring, though, I'm playing with a whole new concept in layering: getting dresses involved. Spring's perfect for layered dresses: it's not quite warm enough to wear a sleeveless dress on its own, but the temptation of your just-unpacked summer wardrobe is strong. All those bright colors and breezy silhouettes!

All too often, I've succumbed to that temptation, and been left shivering as soon as the sun went down. I'd like to avoid that in the future, if possible.

There are lots of ways to combine a dress with other layers. One way is to wear it under something of similar length:
daily outfit, WIWT, layered dress, purple tunic, black dress, boots, belt, OTK socks
Black dress: Ann Taylor Loft, remixed
Purple tunic: Pixie, thrifted
Belt: Aldo, thrifted
Diamond Lace OTK socks: Sock Dreams, remixed
Boots: John Fluevog "Sopranos: Inge," remixed
Tiny purple and gold-tone flower brooch: thrifted
Woven silver bracelet: Anima Perdita, remixed

daily outfit, WIWT, layered dress, purple tunic, black dress, belt, brooch

I've worn this dress with these socks and boots together before: it's amazing how the tunic, as opposed to a skirt layered underneath, changes the overall look.
layered dress, purple tunic, black dress, boots, belt, OTK socks

I had originally grabbed this tunic with the intention of wearing it with a berry-colored tank top and leggings. I'm really happy with the way it works over this dress, though.

daily outfit, WIWT, layered dress, purple tunic, black dress, belt, closeup

It is, on a not-too-technical technicality, too small for me: I don't think there's any way it will ever button across my bust. However, it fails to button moderately gracefully, and the open neckline frames the button placket of the black dress perfectly.

It also kinda matches my shutters.

ankle-tie boots, Fluevog, heels, OTK socks
The boots are beyond awesome. That, ladies and gentleman, is that rare, thought-to-be-mythological creature, the walkable 3" heel. I've tromped all over New York City, my home county, and even a little ways into the woods (provided it's not too muddy) in these. One of these days I'll get around to going to M&J Trimming and getting a selection of colorful ribbons to relace the ankle strap.

And yes, they are the same style that was worn by Alice in Syfy's 2009 Alice in Wonderland miniseries. If I fell down a rabbit hole, they'd definitely be the boots I'd want!

Do you layer dresses, Fabulous Readers? If so, how? Is it a look you like for spring?

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  1. Ever since I saw those boots in the Alice miniseries, I knew I had to attain them. There is a rumor Fluevog will be re-releasing the plum color soprano inges this fall(the same color Alice wore), so I'm crossing my fingers until then. BTW I love your blog!!! I'm not really into fashion at all, but your astute analysis makes it really interesting.


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