09 April 2010

Link-tastic! 9 April 2010

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Make yourself a chain harness and heels.

Not that long ago, foods to 'improve the figure' by increasing its size, not decreasing it, were sold with the same rhetoric that is now used for low-fat, low-cal, low...whatever. Is the change due to a shift in cultural standards or in diet?

How to be fashionable in an ultra-conservative workplace.

It's not fair that in public forums, women are often evaluated on their appearance before their message. It is, however, a part of our society that's stubbornly resistant to change. Throughout history, though, women have deliberately used this to their advantage as much as possible: Queen Elizabeth I of England is a prime example.

Speaking of female dress in public and private arenas, delve into the history of the house dress.

Punk impresario Malcom McLaren died Thursday. His name might not be quite as familiar to the fashion-focused as it is to the musically inclined, but he launched his long and varied career running a clothing store with Vivienne Westwood. Without him, we might not have designers like Alexander McQueen, and we certainly wouldn't have lingerie company Agent Provocateur (one of the company's founders is McLaren and Westwood's son). May he rest in as much peace as any punk could desire.

I don't put much stock in seasonal color assignment, but I am intrigued by Imogen Lamport's color palettes based on personality. It's an ongoing series, so stay tuned!

Have a great weekend, Fabulous Readers!

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  1. Those were fun links! I think I need to follow Gertie's blog. She's a smart one. Like you!


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